BMW gives internal combustion engines 30 years

BMW gives internal combustion engines 30 years


Despite the development of electric vehicles, BMW is not going to abandon the internal combustion engine: the Germans believe that the transition to electric will take two to three decades.

As you know, the Bavarian engineers are already working on several electric vehicles, the first of which will be a crossover iX3. Despite this, BMW are in no hurry to announce a total of electrification and to make loud statements about the imminent abandonment of internal combustion engines. On the contrary, the group are confident that the transition to electric vehicles will not happen overnight and the last car with the engine leave the pipeline not earlier than in 20-30 years. In an interview with Automotive News Europe, the head of research and development of BMW Klaus frolich said that diesel engines will be produced for another 20 years, and gasoline and do 30.


However, three-cylinder petrol engine, a diesel engine with four turbines and the mighty V12 will finish his career much earlier – for different reasons. In 2021 BMW is planning to present an updated version of the CLAR platform, which is initially designed for plug-in hybrids with electric motor and battery, providing a power reserve of approximately 120 kilometers on a single charge. In addition, future BMW models on the new platform get a larger fuel tank to increase autonomy.

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