BMW has found a way to get rid of wiring in the car

BMW has found a way to get rid of wiring in the car


BMW and several other major manufacturers have invested $250 million in California startup CelLink. His development is an innovative technology for connecting the electronic components of a car with power sources, called the “flexible harness”. These circuit wires are lighter, take up less space and cost less: CelLink claims that a single large-area “flexible bundle” can replace several traditional wire bundles.

Because there are noticeably fewer “flexible harnesses” required for the full functioning of the car, the technology will also increase the level of automation in production. According to the developers, “flexible harnesses” are already being used on “hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles”, but on which ones, they do not specify. To date, the only brand that has produced so many “green” cars in the US is Tesla.

Founded in 2011, CelLink is based in San Carlos and has been ramping up production of “flexible harnesses” since 2019. In total, the company managed to raise about $315 million, which will be invested in the construction of a plant with 25 lines in Texas. The enterprise is planned to open at the end of 2022.

Flexible harnesses will be useful not only in passenger cars, CelLink is sure. In the future, they could also replace bulky wiring in commercial vehicles, agricultural, military and aerospace applications.

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