BMW has officially unveiled the long-awaited M8

BMW has officially unveiled the long-awaited M8

The German brand BMW has held the official presentation of the long-awaited sports model M8.

The long-awaited BMW M8 has finally been first introduced to the world, and the Bavarians, brought the sports car not only in coupe form, but also in the form of convertible Convertible M8 and two more efficient versions, M8 and M8 Competition Coupe Convertible Competition.

Under the hood of the standard coupe and convertible M8 is a 4.4-liter V8 double turbo-supercharging, developing 592 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque, while the version equipped with the Competition data of the power unit increased to 617 horsepower capacity.

All models of the M8 features an advanced all wheel drive system xDrive with 8-speed automatic Steptronic transmission that helps the sports car to accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds in the coupe, and 3.4 seconds in the back of a convertible. As for versions of the Competition, their performance better than 0.1 seconds depending on the body.

All-wheel drive system M8 includes an active differential and two normal driving modes – 4WD and 4WD Sport. In case you deactivate the DSC system, you can also select the 2WD mode, rear – wheel drive.

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BMW is particularly proud M8 suspension setup with adaptive dampers and the Electromechanical steering. The important suspension components were also cross-shaped steel spacer, aluminum cross strut on the rear axle and reinforced stabilizer bars.

Regardless of whether the client is the carbon-ceramic brakes or not, all models feature an integral braking system that unites the functions of activation of the brakes, brake booster and brake management. Drivers can choose between two modes of sensation in the brake pedal, one of which is configured for comfortable driving, and the second on sports.

Finally, all models include standard features in the interior of the Head – Up display, driving assistant, Parking, and BMW Live Cockpit Professional. The centre console is a button “M”, which will allow you to choose the mode of motion “Road” and “Sport” in the usual versions, and the Competition is added, and ‘Track’ mode.

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