BMW has unveiled a concept electric motorcycle DC Vision Roadster

BMW has unveiled a concept electric motorcycle DC Vision Roadster

The German automaker introduced its first electric motorcycle created by the motorcycle division of BMW Motorrad.

In order to protect traditional silhouette boxer engine, the developers of the layout placed power unit and battery in place of a traditional internal combustion engine. System elements sladenia, stylized cylinder engine, move to the side when you start moving. The motor is under the battery in the center of the bike.

The main components Vision DC Roadster is made of CFRP and aluminum,which significantly reduces the weight of the vehicle. Decorative elemnt made of matte milled unpainted aluminum. Leading the dark color is complemented by contrasting red elements, and even glow in the dark accents which are in fact on the Metzeler tires. Optics have led electric bike solely.

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Together with Vision artists DC Roadster and the BMW Motorrad engineers have come up with special apparel. Set sawit stylized as a regular jacket and pants, which are complemented by functional vest. The latter is mounted on the magnets on top of jackets.

Serial future concept bike BMW Motorrad Roadster Vision DC German motorostoitel has not yet reported.

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