BMW Hotel Suite on Wheels

BMW Hotel Suite on Wheels


This is a chauffer driven luxury car for one person! 👏👏 Thoughts guys?

so this is like a mini chauffeur driven car i’ve never seen anything like it yes right now there’s only 20 in the world here in munich germany i’ve flown over to film some epic bmws including this one this is a one off bmw and it’s got stickers all over it hello hey uh yeah i mean this one’s really cool but i want to show you another beyonce i’m doing it i know i know both you guys want to see a good video and a good car and i know that you always do super cars but i haven’t really specialized sergey you’re literally highlighted come on whose channel is this i promise i promise you’re going to like it okay look this is like the definition of don’t judge a book by its cover okay even if the cover says urban sweet so you kind of know that something’s up it’s an i3 like it’s cool like yeah yeah but it has a number nine so why does this have a number nine in it it’s numbered that means it’s got to be special okay yeah you’ve got to point there yeah sweet yeah yeah okay so it’s number nine out of how many 20. oh 20. yeah this this is a pretty big deal oh damn so we’re looking at a million dollar car here is it potentially does that look like a chair to you no no that’s not a chair because this is your boutique hotel well on wheels oh what yeah what i know right is this a real car i know when they opened the doors i was like oh my god i have to show up even if this is like so like a me car to review yes oh my god what and look the best thing is you want to hop in here yeah okay yeah happen so this is like a mini chauffeur driven car i’ve never seen anything like it yes right now there’s only 20 in the world but you have three buttons here yeah one second press this one this one yeah okay oh what is this for my feet that’s for your feet your shoes are pretty new so i think that it’s not gonna make it dirty you’re kidding me yep and then you have another triangle over there this one yeah oh what yeah do you feel like a total boss right now how cool is this it’s like oh my god i never knew i never knew this is epic surgery yeah you would you would never think that you’d find this inside of an i3 now on the lamp you’re gonna see that here there’s a little laser thing put your finger on top of the laser thing yeah so the whole concept the whole idea was to make this into a boutique hotel i think they did a pretty solid job because this is a brilliant idea i know i do too i didn’t realize like you could get such a small car that make it like into a comfy like shoulder but there’s one feature that i want to show you oh wait look at this look at this this is a coat hanger on the back of the headdress so you can literally just hang your coat here that thought of everything that is so cool the coat hanger right the coat hanger is cool too that’s cool you can actually put your coat here you want to test it out yeah let’s see look so i mean you have everything that you would want to have you know that is so cool but down here yeah you have an ipad because you can connect whatever you want to hear ipad i’m going to press play and listen where the sound’s coming from from your headrest oh what i didn’t know it’s an i3 sounded like this this is sorry i’m watching one of my videos here it’s going wow this sound is epic i know right it’s meant to be your own something really special to show you that’s crazy it’s your own little bubble so when you’re being driven around you can just listen and watch your own oh my own show that’s what i do in all my spare time i just watch myself on tv that’s crazy search no way so is this like actually going into production like is this something you can buy yeah so right now they’re waiting to see how much demand they get on it but potentially yes i would totally get one of these look we have kind of the inside scoop but around five if they get about 500 to 1 000 requests they might make this commercial for the public we can make that happen for sure i mean i’m saying go put your comment down underneath this video and uh let’s get bmw to make this we can actually the supercar blondie family can literally make this happen make this happen yeah they should rename it to the i3 supercar blondie what do you guys think if we make this happen then yeah i’m gonna make them put my logo on the car yeah okay yeah have your own little remote like this yeah um we’ve already kind of pressed play and all that stuff so we can bring this back like that oh okay yeah and here you have your own obviously heated or cooled oh nice cupholders oh the normal i3 doesn’t look like this obviously no it’s just a sweet version of the eye right but it’s still obviously it’s still electric right the start stop is over here yep and you have this huge kind of like i don’t know what to call it but that’s basically the gears you can do neutral reverse so how you meant you probably meant to hold it like this no what’s the thumb that yeah yeah it’s interesting though i haven’t seen it like that like a little floating dash yep and this is cool too the floating screen in the middle like this is full yeah actually all of this is interesting because it’s completely open even move that back a little bit so you can see yeah there’s a lot you could actually potentially even put your dogs here oh my god imagine uh pepe and movie hanging around if you take a look at this material you can already tell that uh yeah that’s very different isn’t it eighty percent of the material in this car is made from recyclable materials so this wood as well would be sustainable yes wood it’s meant to be a sustainable kind of vision of the future of wow transport i love it i think it’s really luxurious to be honest i’m super like i tell you i’m super comfortable back here i totally get that this is like a business person’s chauffeur driven car yeah the only thing missing for me is like a little laptop stand yes because if you’re wanting to be working in the back you’d need someone to put your laptop right that was actually the interesting thing as well because when i first saw this table i was like oh well that’s where you put your laptop but no one’s going to be working like this exactly i think this is meant to more just disconnect yeah and kind of relax so the normal or standard i3 bmw i3 costs about 45 000 so if this were to go into production how much more would you pay i i tried to squeeze that information out of uh a bmw official he wouldn’t tell me he said it wouldn’t be that that expensive oh yeah like like considering the luxury car world would be that much more expensive but obviously more than the 45 000. like if you think about it if you want to be chauffeur driven around the city there are only like a few uh four-seater luggage super luxurious cars that you can buy to do that and they’re all quite expensive whereas if it’s just you on the road every day going to and from work and you want to be driven around you could buy something like this still be in luxury and yet not have to buy like a full on luxurious four-door sedan with everything else this actually makes total sense to me it’s cool what do you guys think are you a fan i am i i didn’t know that okay that was definitely worth the interruption all right i’m gonna go show you guys this car now on another video um but that was definitely i’m not getting fired then ready was worth the interview you’re still hired all right guys what do you reckon go chuck your comments in the comments section and subscribe to the supercar blondie channel thank you very much to sergey as well that was awesome well who’s going to get the show for now around we’re not allowed to drive it oh but we can’t be chauffeured in it okay so who wants to be chauffeured in it let’s rock paper scissors okay in australia they do one two and then reveal okay one two oh sorry it’s rock paper scissors shoot oh my god the rock paper scissors reveal yes okay we say shoot but reveal also works rock paper scissors reveal and that’s a rookie move you never do scissors first on a rock paper scissors because everyone always does it that’s why you want the right okay i’m out i’ve been booted out all right guys i think we’re out love y’all i’m living the dream this is great you

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