BMW i Vision AMBY – futuristic mountain electric bike

BMW i Vision AMBY – futuristic mountain electric bike


Lately, BMW seems to be doing everything it can to bring its EV concepts to fruition. With the CE-04 electric scooter now a reality, it looks like an ultra-futuristic electric “Thunder”.

This time BMW has taken a humble bike and outfitted it with all the technological bells and whistles so much that it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

It’s called BMW Motorrad i Vision AMBY, the surface electric mountain bike and the next generation IOT device below the surface. The term AMBY is a combination of the words “Adaptability” and “Mobility” – something that BMW has invested heavily in lately.

Let’s start with the design of the bike. This is clearly the aesthetic that BMW is aiming for with the i Vision AMBY. It has the sleek and athletic lines of an advanced cross-country racer. BMW says the i Vision AMBY’s aesthetic “is defined by visual lightness and powerful athleticism.” Speaking of power, in the vision of “I” EMBI has quite a lot of it. So much so that it is difficult to treat this vehicle as just an e-bike.

BMW has equipped the i Vision AMBY with three driving modes that effectively limit its top speed. The slowest setting allows speeds of up to 25 mph – ideal for bike lanes and recreational areas. The second card increases the speed to 28 mph for use in city centers and city streets.

Finally, the third map, designed for use on multi-lane roads, has a top speed of 37 mph.

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