BMW i3: too unique to have an heir


The Bavarian car manufacturer has officially announced that the time of the i3 model is coming to a natural end, and no direct successor is planned for it, informs

This information appeared about a week ago. The main insider was the bulletin of one of the American dealers. According to that data, i3 will disappear from the model line of the brand in the USA in July this year.

In the meantime, BMW has officially confirmed the withdrawal of the model from the market, but it will disappear not only in the USA. 2022 is expected to be the last year for the i3. This car will not have an heir.

The reason for the refusal to further develop i3 is the electrification of the main models of the brand. Thus, the place of the small i3 can be taken by the promising iX1 crossover, which is currently undergoing a series of tests. There is also the possibility that the compact 1-series hatchback will be electrified. It can be named i1 and occupy an empty spot in the manufacturer’s lineup.

Recall that the i3 appeared on the market back in 2013 along with the i8, which left the market back in 2020. Strictly speaking, BMW’s efforts in this area were not entirely successful. For example, i3 sales in the US in 2020 were only 1,508.

The BMW i3 is equipped with two synchronous electric motors to choose from. The first develops 170 horsepower (250 Nm), while the second has a return of 184 hp. with a torque of 270 Nm. The battery with a capacity of 33.2 kWh allows you to travel up to 290 kilometers according to the NEDC method with the initial engine and 280 with the top one. In addition to them, you can purchase an additional “generator” in the form of a 2-cylinder gasoline engine with 38 hp, which will increase the range by another 150 km.

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