BMW i8. The most BORING supercar?..

BMW i8. The most BORING supercar?..


What we imagine when we hear the word “supercar”? Everyone has their own Association, but most quickly comes to mind is rear-wheel drive coupe with a powerful petrol engine a considerable amount, allowing you to easily “shoot” up to several hundred kilometers per hour and (if desired Yes the ability) to log on to every second turn sideways. Well, today I’ll be talking about a totally different car, which, however, is like no other deserves the designation of “super.” The – BMW i8.

To understand why the BMW i8 stands apart from the classical perception of supercars, we have tried to ignore all the clichés (“a 1.5-liter motor?! Do not tell me…”) and look at the mission assigned to this car… Oh by the way, you remember that the concept i8 was filmed in the movie “Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol”?

What to equip the supercar hybrid powertrain (with two motors) and a tiny 1.5-liter gasoline engine? Why the rate was not made at the peak efficiency of motors, and the study of the aerodynamic component? In the end, why the fuel consumption in this car is really important, although at the time of purchase of the model its value was equal to slightly less than 200 thousand dollars?

These conceptual, but because the important questions we will provide answers. But let’s not forget to talk about the real acceleration characteristics of the hybrid; about how he behaves on the road and how managed; about how much and where to buy such a luxury car in Ukraine today.

We find in the BMW i8 in common with the Toyota Land Cruiser features, let’s see how you can achieve excellent sound with this tiny motor (like a supercar), its volume, and will show you all the pain that you will have to face, sitting in this car and leaving it. In short, tell you about a lot of things that will be able to Supplement your understanding of what actually is the BMW i8.

So it will be interesting. Very. Details in our video. Pleasant viewing!

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