BMW introduced the rival Tesla Model 3 with a power reserve of 600 kilometers

BMW introduced the rival Tesla Model 3 with a power reserve of 600 kilometers


BMW unveiled a concept car i4, the production version of which will appear in 2021 and will compete with Tesla Model 3. Claimed cruising range of the car without recharging the battery will be 600 kilometers (world cycle WLTP).

Despite the fact that the car is fully electric, it has a faux grille with huge nostrils, which are shaped like the elements on the prototype Concept 4 – the harbinger of the new BMW 4-Series. In front of the grille installed special transparent panel with a number of sensors, is intended for orientation in space when the unmanned driving.


A distinctive feature of the interior of a large display that combines digital instrument panel and multimedia screen. The design of the monitor used a special glass with non-reflective surface for sharper images. Infotainment complex has a custom configuration and function of gesture control.

The concept car is equipped with an electric unit, issuing 530 HP, which is comparable to the power of modern petrol “eights”. The same return, for example, has an eight-cylinder 4.4-litre petrol unit with two turbines, which is installed on the flagship model of BMW, including a sedan 7-Series and crossover X7.

The BMW i4 is able to dial first “hundred” for four seconds, and its maximum speed was 200 km per hour. Set of batteries of 80 kWh will allow to travel without recharging up to 600 kilometers. To replenish batteries to 80% in just 35 minutes.


Serial production of the new electric vehicle will begin at the plant in Munich in the third quarter of 2021. As previously reported, BMW 2025 will release 25 brand new green models, 12 of which will have fully electric propulsion.

How long you think the serial will be close BMW i4 concept?

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