BMW introduced the wild E-Power Roadster

BMW introduced the wild E-Power Roadster


Concept bike with an electric powertrain was developed in the last two years and gives some idea about the serial BMW motorcycle.

New no different stylistic radicalism experimental Vision DC Roadster and much closer to the production model. However, the concept looks quite unusual for a BMW. Regular feature is that the “asymmetry” head optics, clearly borrowed from the S1000R and driveline console pendulum from R1200RS. But between them… the battery installed in the frame type “birdcage”. Joke about the fact that sometimes gathers BMW Motorrad motorcycles of automotive parts, in this case is not a joke, and pulls on the characteristics of the project. Battery 13 kW?h borrowed from the hybrid versions 2 Series, and the motor – the sedan the 7 series in long wheelbase version for the Chinese market. Environmentally friendly engine develops 136 HP and 200 Nm of implementing traction to the rear wheel through a propeller shaft.


Roadster weighs 290 kg for the prototype electric bike that’s good (by the way, the weight of the Zero SR/F – 228 kg), but “lose weight” seems to still have. According to the company, in the future, the motorcycle is easy to lose 30 lbs. But, being a hefty “guy”, he demonstrates excellent dynamics, accelerating to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 2.9 s. For comparison, the naked S1000R is slower by 0.2 s, the speed is limited at 160 km/h While the cruising range is limited to 177 km, but the company is working to increase the range of the motorcycle.

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