BMW invented a new steering wheel for the new electrocreaser

BMW invented a new steering wheel for the new electrocreaser

The Bavarians issued a unusual image of the “donut” that will receive the serial SUV iNext on batteries. And logically justify all the weirdness.

For iNext Bavarians decided to depart from tradition. Who said the wheel should only be round? “Bagel” promising models have a very unusual polygonal form, and can safely say that nothing like BMW didn’t before. Even test prototypes elektrovagonniy in salons which managed to look photospin, was equipped with a conventional rudder.

Meanwhile, BMW say that this is done not only for the sake of design of experiments. This form will allow the driver to easily determine the angle to which the steering wheel is rotated just by looking at him. Given that iNext needs to obtain a very advanced system of Autonomous control and knowledge about the position of the front wheels at the time of transfer of control from an electronics person may be one of the factors that determine the safety of the trip.

In addition, the shape of the wheel – tribute to the ergonomics. The truncated bottom of the rim gives the driver’s feet more space, which will be useful not only when boarding the vehicle and leaving him, but in the long journeys. When driving iNext will be electronics, the man due to the greater freedom for the legs will be able to take a more comfortable position.

INext production should start in 2021. Electric crossover is already positioned by the Bavarians as the “technological flagship”. Previously, BMW has extended the display image of the multimedia system iNext, who was bent on the driver’s side.