BMW is developing a new “train”

BMW is developing a new “train”


BMW is working on a new design, which is a two-wheeled vehicle like the roof and reminiscent of the old BMW C1. This time the German manufacturer tries to implement an old idea with an electric motor. The company recently published a patent for elektroskutery style C1.

The unique roof for the bike described in the patent. It has airbags and crumple zones, which is important in case of an accident. It also describes the aerodynamic elements, which are created to adjust such a strange roof.


The most important thing in this project probably lies in the fact that the roof can be simply removed by loosening a few bolts and having spent quite a bit of time on this procedure. If it’s nice weather, the roof may be unnecessary.

At the moment there is no guarantee that BMW will release a rarity on the market. A patent only proves that the manufacturer really considered the idea of producing a scooter with a roof.

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