BMW is working on a radical electric bike

BMW is working on a radical electric bike


Bavarian motocenter BMW Motorrad is working on a radical electric sportbike. This is evidenced by data on patent registration.

According to analysts of mataranka, a new creation of the Bavarians is likely to compete with electrical engineering such as a motorcycle SR/F from the American manufacturer Zero motorcycle Evo from the Italian brand Apegga.

According to the illustrations from patent applications, which fell into the hands of reporters, a BMW patented design electric sportbike very unusual design.

Unlike most motorcycles, which are constructed on a standard frame, there is, apparently, frame is not planned at all. The main structural component becomes a kind of box – sealed housing, which will house the battery and controller.


Head tube, which is attached front fork, mounted in front of the battery compartment, and montor mounted underneath this very building, and a little shifted back. The pendulum is attached to the motor, and there generally all is very close, which facilitates the operation of the drive – chain or belt, is unclear.

The design is rather new in terms of electric motorcycles, but for BMW it is not so new. A similar design has the electric scooter BMW C Evolution. The guys from BMW has been played with unusual and even eccentric concepts of electric motorcycles in the past, such as, for example, Vision DC Roadster (pictured). However, the motorcycle that you can see the patent drawings, according to experts, much more similar to something that company from Bavaria in a very short time can begin to do to produce commercially. And according to forecasts, even at the price of the new device can easily fit in the plug 18 to 22 thousand dollars, which will make it competitive with products from Energica and Zero.

No official information from BMW on this subject yet. The outcome of this project – we’ll see soon.

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