BMW isn’t coming? Bavarians admit M550i xDrive slower than stated

BMW isn’t coming? Bavarians admit M550i xDrive slower than stated


BMW’s North American office has admitted the revamped 540i xDrive and M550i xDrive sedans are slower than advertised. The problem affected the cars of the 2021 model year – due to incorrect firmware during overclocking with launch control, the boost pressure is lower than necessary, therefore the top versions of the “fives” do not correspond to the passport characteristics. BMW has notified the owners and dealers of the defect and promised to fix it by the end of the summer.

The discrepancy between the real and passport dynamic characteristics of the updated BMW M550i xDrive was noticed by the American magazine Car & Driver.

Reviewers of the publication tested two different sedans from the press parks of BMW USA, but 530-horsepower sedans changed 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 3.9 and 4.1 seconds, respectively, although the advertising brochure of the Bavarian brand contained specified 3.6 seconds.

Refueling with another gasoline did not solve the problem, and shortly after the official request, BMW admitted that it was a software glitch affecting the 2021 sedans in the 540i xDrive and M550i xDrive specifications.

BMW specialists promised to prepare the necessary firmware in the summer and update the software on all problem sedans. Whether the defect applies only to cars for the US market, or the problem is typical for all updated BMW 540i xDrive / M550i xDrive, the local dealership did not say.

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