BMW M will make the hybrid model

BMW M will make the hybrid model

The sports division of the German mark will be engaged in plug-in hybrids, and after 2025 it can release and first full-fledged M-car.

Event NextGen Conference in the headquarters of BMW in Munich allowed us to learn about the future of the brand in terms of models of the division of BMW M. In particular, there will be sporty hybrids and even electric cars.

BMW head of engineering Klaus Froelich, confirmed to journalists that experts of BMW M already working on electrified models. The first one will be a plug-in hybrid, which will appear in the near future.

“For me, the PHEV version is a logical step in development,” said Froelich. “Yes, the car will weigh 1600 to 1700 pounds, but you will get all-wheel drive and at least 600 HP motor”.

Interestingly, the upcoming hybrid should be lighter than current BMW M5, which has the same power engine but weighs 1982 kg.

It does not rule out a top Manager and the creation of electric car BMW M – this model will appear not earlier than 2025. However, no details about this development Froelich said.

Currently the main problem for the introduction of hybrid powertrains is their weight, so BMW is working to minimize the weight of the aggregates or to find ways to facilitate machines. The same prevents the creation of sports cars.

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