BMW M2 vs BMW 1M Coupe | Chris Harris Drives

BMW M2 vs BMW 1M Coupe | Chris Harris Drives


Is the BMW M2 a bona fide M car? Chris Harris finds out, with the help of its bombastic predecessor, the 1-series M Coupe. WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

ah baby and volatile and this is the newest baby mdm2 it’s the cheapest high-performance BMW and it probably should be the least desirable but there’s something about them hips so 71 millimeters of extra girth over an m240 actually it’s 64 millimeters wider the front – stronger lighter we’ll carriers work with better suspension components and it also gets the clever variable locking differential from the FLT m3 the motor is an N 55 3 to 6 rated at 370 horsepower and 343 foot pounds with 369 available on overboost it shares some click and tunnels with the m3 and it uses just one turbocharger in summary yum-yum it is so easy to accuse the m2 of nah being a proper M car because it does like the m1 sorry 1m have a fairly ordinary base engine this time it’s called the n55 must be m2 before in v1 m and that means that this has the same pretty much less wet capacity for the bottom header quite similar this is though its injection and it has a single sort of twin story turbo so it’s variable vane the idea is that it can do with 100 what the 1m can do with two turbos so you end up with 350 horsepower and about swinging fully briefed foot pound of salt for pushing something at the fair bit under 1500 kilograms but mighty pretty posters and lean liver charge every time you pick is put down in gear role on performances rather annoyingly like to call it is really quite good it gives you the impression that you have a lot more than you really do cuz I mean starters profit no it means the thing just feels rampantly fast the whole time I think it’s a really good engine and I love the minor transmission I think I definitely would have a manual in my m2 but the reason for comparison is that I still think the one egg is sensational little car I think it’s got a spiritually I kind of pugnacious opportunity but BMW hasn’t managed to repeat for quite some time and I always hope that this would be the car that would do that and in many ways you know what it started feels so special it feels short small wheels II and even though it’s drive out a bit now some of the exterior shots you’ll see were shot when it was wet this thing is Larry turn the systems off and you have every jug having a large accident and that’s what this car should be all about its back I suppose the beauty of having your own video shows you can come excuse which videos you want to make so this is a subjective River don’t think one airman m2 prospective owners are in the same camp one’s a bit of a collective Carnap this is a new everyday card identity but the differences are quite interesting for example drive them back to back and whereas I thought the m2 is electric steering with a really good job back better than the m3 m4 coupe a it feels quite inert at the front compared to the one I’ve got a lovely hydraulic assisted rack and it just feels so direct and even I don’t like the words feel I feel more connected in that car that run that I do I also feel it turns quicker it’s got a quicker ratio the 1m so the whole car just feels up on its toes and more nervous but also more agile grits on a shorter wheelbase and the wider track there’s anger about that car that’s missing it is one this on the other hand countered by being much much more enjoyable on a long journey and let it all play those beats Piper hahahahaha the problem car it really is and you could just fling it about I think it’s less angry when you put the power in and go into the slide the m2 is much more predictable it’s less likely that talk we actually gives you a nice the transition into a slide and you could have quite quick now you can really produce thing in at once at 12 miles an hour it’s smoking one drop a proper car one of these things now in sterling fifty something thousand pounds some people think it’s too expensive giving it an ordinary BMW engine like a proper end car I love it car it is fun Bobby do because what came by the way they look so this one of the 100 thirsty a slide let’s forget about the look it’s just such a compelling rest of the evening small bodied car thought we’ll both widen the track input big motor keep manual gearbox keep people like me that wings about the onwards creep of autumn eyes everything’s very very happy speaker this is great Carlene cricket I love it I think it’s fantastic quite difficult cars of peeking holes the esta tune but if it’s not really a gold bar ride well it’s too much it’s too expensive and it’s too exciting in it soon rear-wheel drive it’s probably a poker 2 RS rival what is this place to understand the m2 doesn’t need to know where it came from though you and that means I quickly need to drive it back to back into one of them think I’ve got a black one then my first robe at BMW 1m in 2011 and I thought it was sensational I still think it’s sensational now it really is such a special little car this was a skunkworks project it was a bunch of engineer’s but they wanted to do something but there wasn’t the time of the result of do it in a conventional fashion so they weren’t sitting as weekend it has that feel of being a bit a big novelty so they took an N 54 twin turbocharged three litre straight-six out of the one through five i lighten the flywheel and then put it in the most fantastic 40 wide-body shell the result is one of the naughtiest cars I’ve ever driven it’s not the fastest but it personality wanting to be a bit troublesome I have to say card on the table this is mine I bought one good I think they’re so special I had to have one price you seemed a bit silly at the moment but so what it really is worth every single penny and I’ve been a bit naughty with this one because I’ve put a full the kravitch exhaust on it which contain iam and gorgeous and I’ve had it three maps so in a straight line we’re going to find out a little bit whether it’s quicker than the m2 but the Shafi on this thing it’s so extraordinary it’s so angry second here come into a hairpin and it goes so quickly but initial movement globus there is a plan and I cut that combination ie 92m three differential manual gearbox very short wheelbase very wide tracks means this is a very very striking carving laughing it’s lively and we knew it at a time I stood on finger than it being much spicier on sale today should not the m2 telling me I love the steering in this car as well the steering is just better more direct I just feel connected in a way I don’t in the m2 and the speed and the power that every well to know what the engine feels a bit freer revving that might be given the the lightened flywheel and this feels a bit pokey but then I have two flavors of it so I can’t really say I think it’s standard form and m2 has the legs of an m1 for the etymology of one aim is quite interesting in it it’s the only em car that has the number before the letter because the m1 is the original BMW supercar from 1979 and BMW felt that out the respective could kind of use up that name what I do know is it different impact on the booth I love the way it drive and that’s because it’s a special little car sitting on a weenie wheel base with big flared arches it has 335 horsepower and the same 369 foot-pounds of torque is the m2 but all the time not as overboost the differential is from the e92 m3 and is most of the rear suspension assembly and the brakes in fact it easier to view the 1m as an e 92 m3 chassis wedged under a widened 1-series body with unlikely briefed on 135 modes are under the bonnet or hood depending on where you live there’s no doubting that this differentials of a Philips instigated to the one that’s fitted to the m2 so the traction this car is more confused more inconsistent sometimes we’ve got some shows on these Supersport one real unhappy just a few sideways and this does feel a properly old-school driving experience and only be five years old but it might as well be mid eighties camellias big turbo charging this is only a modern-day sierra conqueror outside very dangerous competence not especially fast so far we’ll need to think instead British tradition what a minute don’t fire I can’t do that okay bit of science then Litchfield stage one tune on my one aim within a crap of its exhaust all the way through that’s an M – three two one go hahahaha ya got the legs of me but you know what when they were sanded or when they were standard that would have the leg on this in Venice for my smoke another woman toys B well there was a time when people like me said that a real end car could not be turbocharged well after me the people like me were talking absolutely bobbing these two are real em cars brimming with character and one day I would like to have both in my garage but for now I’ll stick with the back

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