BMW M3 by Redux: the £330,000 restomod E30 CSL that never was?

BMW M3 by Redux: the £330,000 restomod E30 CSL that never was?


What we have here is an original BMW E30 M3, but one that’s been ‘Enhanced and Evolved’ by Redux. Yes, it’s a restomod, which means you can’t refer to it as a Redux M3, else BMW’s lawyers could descend on you. It is and remains a BMW E30 M3. But one that’s been fettled in the pursuit of perfection. Which has made it rather expensive. £330,000 kind of expensive. On top of the donor E30 M3 you’ll have handed over. Basically, this or a Ferrari SF90, then. Quite a lot to get your wallet around. Luckily, Magazine’s Ollie Marriage is here to help. Chris Harris on… Restomods: FIRST DRIVE: Singer’s DLS Project: Magazine Speed Week 2021: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

hello and welcome to an icon it’s the bmw e30 m3 the first ever m3 and the basis for the most successful touring car of all time it’s loved for two things it’s fabulously boxy arches and the way it drives look at the way it moves through corners how evenly it works the suspension the balance and steering is absolutely sublime produced from 1986 to 1991 the e30 m3 was built to go racing to enter the dtm and qualify for group a race rigs you needed to build 5 000 road cars road cars conceived from a racing mindset with bmw’s fearsome four-cylinder up front a five-speed dog-leg manual in the middle power coming out the rear and the biggest boxiest arches munich had ever seen it was quite the thing just look at the stance the square edge simplicity of this three box shape no wonder it’s so coveted but listen aren’t german cars meant to be fabulously well made come and have a look at this the boot lid looks like it’s just been plonked on top the panel the edges the gaps they’re all completely different it’s just a bit wrong and come and have a look at the front wheel as well it doesn’t sit centrally in the arch that gap is smaller than that gap were it not so revered you might almost say the original m3 was a bit shonky luckily there’s a fix so in the finest traditions of here’s one i made earlier here’s one someone else made earlier it’s the bmw e30 m3 enhanced and evolved by redux a wordy name sure but one that keeps bmw’s legal department at bay obsession has been at work here to a degree i’m not sure is completely necessary but let’s talk you through it starting with the bits you can see every single body panel bar the doors and the roof is carbon fiber and that’s allowed some changes to be made for starters the front arches have been pushed out they’ve been given bit more girth and the same at the back it’s about 40 ml out at the front 50 ml out at the back they’ve actually rounded the tops of the arches off so it all fits together a bit more cohesively and look at the boot lid this is fantastic the panel gap is completely proportionate here and they’ve actually changed the angle of the spoiler it used to come further out but they’ve matched it to the angle of the rear window they’ve actually extended the end of the boot lid here and the spoiler itself is a work of art but my favorite detail is this if you come under here and have a look you can see there’s a herringbone pattern in the carbon fiber well if you open up the boot lid it’s repeated in the boot lid are you getting some idea of how fastidious this car is the front end the splitter grille and headlights have had just as much attention as the rear entirely unsurprisingly the same is true inside unlike the original there are no buttons on the center console instead they’re hidden in the ashtray the hi-fi has been centered in its panel the gorgeous dash with its iconic clocks cleaned up key info has been tucked away in a ceiling mounted screen back in the 80s only knight rider had one of those as a final flourish let me draw your attention to the seats and specifically the redux logo here which is made up of 30 perforations because that’s how many of these cars they’re building and see how they’re arranged in multiples of three you find that all around the cockpit i’m not going to bother counting how many dimples are on the gear lever but look there’s three over here and if you come with me that pattern is repeated here look six lines on there six lines down here six lines on the cylinder head cover but only four cylinders something has clearly gone wrong no i’m kidding i’m kidding it’s bmw’s famous s14 four-cylinder engine and as much detail works gone in underneath here as anywhere around the rest of the car for starters that is no longer a 2.3 liter it’s now a 2.5 same sump block and heads as before but entirely new internals it runs on throttle bodies with a motec ecu you can have it with a billet engine block that’s bonkers and an extra 12 000 pounds this car doesn’t have that nor some other options an inconel exhaust carbon ceramic brakes xtc dampers the same as fitted to the no not allowed to call it the singer dls it’s the porsche 911 reimagined by singer the results of the dynamics and light weighting study although what you call it in the privacy of your own home won’t be subject to legal action likewise this is not a redux m3 it’s still a bmw m3 but one that’s been enhanced and evolved by redux which is a bit of a mouthful time for a spot of driving dog leg gearbox down and back for first off we go and they had those dog-leg gearboxes because second and third was the racing plane oh listen to this four cylinders are criminally underrated this one develops 300 horsepower and 205 pounds foot of torque the original car only developed 200 horsepower this one’s closer to some of the racing versions and the later cars that’s 300 horsepower from two and a half liters the car only weighs 1150 kilos so it’s got a power to weight ratio similar to a standard 911 carreras about 260 brake per ton and lack of weight means it moves easily it changes direction nicely then it just pulls itself hurls itself out of corners with that noise and it feels stiff to start with but not the suspension the suspension doesn’t feel stiff it’s the shell that feels stiff when redux get these and strip it down to basic the first thing they do is completely re-weld and seam it so it’s as tight as it can be and you feel that straight away the old one you can feel the chassis flexing this one no not at all and that gives the suspension a more stable platform to work off so they fitted 18 inch wheels because that’s what the original racing car was on and doing that has allowed them to fit bigger brakes in this case big ap racing brakes that really do have a lot of bite but no abs and a little bit too much rear bias on the brakes at the moment so we’re locking up at the back sometimes before the front just keeps you on your toes it feels like you imagine an original m3 is going to feel but an original m3 as i’ve already shown it’s quite soft these days this isn’t this has got proper modern levels of grip and power and feels much more serious but that’s the whole point of this car right let’s see if it’ll get a bit of a slide yep it’ll do a slide it’s a bit weighty on the steering the redux do say it’s not finally fully there with the development yet shows a lot of promise though but then it was always going to wasn’t it because it’s based on the most successful touring car ever still got that same balance to it though so it feels like you imagine an e30 m3 to feel it drives like you imagine an old one to drive because the old one doesn’t really drive like you imagine it to do it’s now a bit soft and slow and this one is neither soft nor slow it’s more immediate it’s crisper it’s faster and harder and it makes god it makes a great noise so it’s nice to be able to report that it drives with the same sort of detail as the rest of the car’s undergone and it’s the refinement in it as well this does not feel like a harsh motorsport car yeah it would be a bit tedious on a long journey you get the impression but there’s not too much nvh around the cockpit just all the good noise from the engine it does feel like a racing version you could see how you would just tighten it up a bit and pull up at the back of a dtm grid the noise is right the manners are right it certainly does the job this is really quite special actually this is what happens when a perfectionist in this case redux boss simon lorde makes the m3 of his dreams it’s a car obsessed with detail and this attention to detail costs you can probably guess how much all that multiples of three stuff it’s 330 000 pounds i don’t know why they didn’t take the piss completely and make it all the threes with a .33 recurring at the end but the neatness of that number is spoiled slightly by the fact you have to supply a donor car such as that evo 2 which is currently for sale through munich legends for nearly a hundred thousand pounds this of course is over three times more but before you scowl and go yes it’s another silly money resto mod know that it delivers a very different driving experience sharper more direct way more intense redux aim was to create an e30 m3 csl nailed it

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