BMW M4 Coupé vs Lexus RC F

BMW M4 Coupé vs Lexus RC F


Jeremy pits the Lexus RC F against the BMW M4 Coupé but how will it cope?From , Series 22 Episode 6.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

BMW yeah walks away I have 40 more horsepower than he doesn’t I mean the enormous weight means it’s no good in the corners on either I have got many many different settings in here and I’ve got G shift control whatever that is and VD i am i’ve got standard Chieko sport s Sport S+ circle slalom doesn’t matter which one you select it just get yards and yards of wearisome understeer and then a lot of electronic interference there is however another setting in the RC F which makes it even worse if you put it in store plus and then push this button here look I’m now in expert mode it says it there I have told the car that I am an expert I don’t need the electronic stuff I can manage lurchy that’s the word I’m looking for there look she he’s really struggling to deal with the way what are you doing that I’m an expert look look how they round this corner that’s an expert piece of report on the door the simple truth of the matter is you can put John Prescott in a pair of running shoes but it won’t make him an athlete I really don’t like this car I don’t like the way it looks I don’t like the way it goes I don’t like the way it feels but what really annoys me what really gets my goat is that I know Lexus can do so much better a few years ago they gave us the LFA a car which I’ll admit has many faults and irritations the seatbelt for example is incredibly difficult to do up there in the cupholders it’s impossible to plumb your telephone or whatever into the stereo system and the fuel tank is the size of a disposable lighter which means you have to fill up every five minutes then you have to get out and then it takes two a week to do your seatbelt up again that’s to cut it it’s like giving myself a prostate exam but these little things pale into insignificance when you unleash it’s astonishing v10 engine it reduces 552 horsepower that means nought to 60 in 3.7 seconds it also means a top speed of 202 and even more amazingly it revs from idle to the redline in an almost unbelievable nor point 6 of the sector but the best thing is the noise balefully sounds like a wild animal that’s sad about something I got my poster ow ow ow this is what I was looking for in the new Lexus a sense that the engine is actually alive that it’s a sentient beer and there was more I was looking for to the LFA does not have an expert facility or a G shift thing or VDI M it called as well because it’s well engineered and it’s locked very light I love the way that it feels so violent and raw this call is simply out of this world and look at the difference in styling see how one looks like that stupid food that’s drizzled in you and served on a bed of stupid beans two idiots in overpriced restaurants and the other is a simple was a freshly picked blackberry I know that this cost five or six times more than the new RCF I know it’s full of carbon fibre and all sorts of clever engineering that you can’t feasibly expect to find further down the fiscal food chain but surely they could have captured the spirit of this car the essence its soul and transplanted mat into the RCAF sorely they could or maybe they couldn’t maybe the LFA is so good not even the people who made it know how to make it again you

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