BMW patented passive safety system for motorcycles

BMW patented passive safety system for motorcycles


Simple at first glance, the design is supposed to play the role of makeshift crushed zone, absorbing part of the impact energy.

The terms “passive safety” and “motorcycle” not too well. Usually, manufacturers throw all their efforts on the development of new active safety systems to prevent accidents. But what if the digital assistants and Ryder powerless? Upon impact, the front wheel of the motorcycle swerves, and BMW drew attention to this point. Judging by the patent image, the company offers a V-shaped structure behind the wheel, which serves as a guide when you move back and, obviously, allows the wheel fork to turn into a kind of crumple zones, the scattering part of the impact energy that can be transmitted to the pilot.


Is unclear whether there will be such decisions on a motorcycle, but it doesn’t seem expensive or difficult. In addition, a V-shaped structure can theoretically use as fastening of a radiator or elements of the kit.

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