BMW patents height- and width-adjustable saddles

BMW patents height- and width-adjustable saddles


BMW always strives to innovate to stay one step or two ahead of the competition. The Bavarians have developed saddles that are adjustable in width and height, which can be introduced into mass production!

As you can see in the pictures, the saddle is made of three parts. The front section is fixed and mounts flush with the rear of the fuel tank. Two other sections are mobile, rise and move apart. In normal mode, the design functions like a normal motorcycle saddle, apart from a couple of inconspicuous seams. The rears can be rotated outward by about 50mm, which makes the saddle considerably wider, although the result is a gap! Naturally, you can adjust to any distance in the specified range. Threaded connections mean that the adjustment process is not instantaneous, that is, such tricks on the go can be not very comfortable and unsafe.

In any case, the possibility of even pre-adjustment is very attractive, since sometimes a different type of fit is required depending on the operating conditions. In addition, there are people of different sizes, which will allow motorcycles to become more comfortable for a wider range.

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