BMW “petrolly” new Tesla pickup truck

BMW “petrolly” new Tesla pickup truck


Subject to heavy Bavarian jokes was one of the notable episodes of the presentation of a pickup truck Tesla Cybertruck.

In the current BMW model line of pickups there: the company’s management believes that the development of such a model has no economic justification. The Bavarians practiced repeatedly in this genre, but all very conventional cargo projects did not go further one of a kind pieces, built for the experiment.

So, to recap on the background of hype around Tesla Cybertruck, BMW used the armored version of the X5. This crossover was introduced at the end of the summer, but the company decided again to focus on its protection – including from the metal balls.

In the official Twitter published BMW picture X5 Protection with the caption “is equipped with bulletproof glass and protects from splinters in case of penetration of metal ball.” It is quite obvious allusion to an incident that occurred during the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck, when supposedly armored glass of the pickup truck did not survive even the most modest of tests.


However, why compare electric pickup price 40 thousand dollars and premium gasoline crossover, which is in a protected modification will be commercials at three times more expensive, BMW chose not to specify. Strictly speaking, the BMW X5 Protection VR6 does provide a high level of protection: argues that it is able to withstand even the attack from the air. For example, if on the roof of the crossover with the drone will reset to 200 grams of C4 explosives, the occupants of the car survive the incident. And the thickness of those glasses on the armored car is 33 mm.

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