BMW plans to reduce losses by reducing 5,000


The previous week was at Bavarian concern pretty busy: with such a concentration of Prime and announcements per unit of time from BMW we have encountered very rarely. But the next news from Bavaria are much less positive.

Due to the negative economic impact of the pandemic coronavirus total staff of BMW could be reduced by 5 thousand people. According to Automotive News, the main reason is the desire to reduce the company’s expenses for the period of recovery after the industry crisis. However, to achieve this goal the manufacturer is not obtained.


According to the newspaper, which refers to the contents of internal documents financial manual BMW, the company plans to reduce working hours or send employees on unpaid leave. However, in order to further motivate employees to dismissal, the management of BMW is planning to develop new schemes – for example, the possibility of early retirement.

However, to achieve a “natural outflow” of employees in the right quantities from the manufacturer until it comes out. In a situation of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the Europeans preferred to maintain stable earnings over, say, the search for better jobs or opening their own business.

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