BMW potrollila Cybertruck Elon musk

BMW potrollila Cybertruck Elon musk


BMW staged a “battle” with Tesla on Twitter. In response to the publication of Elon musk about the amount of “armor” pickup Cybertruck, the Bavarians began to share their achievements.

Earlier, Elon Musk has published in his Twitter the number “200k”, and after some time-“250K”: an obvious reference to the number of preorders received by Tesla for the recently introduced pickup Cybertruck. And here since 18 Dec, BMW also started to post the numbers in your account: first there was number 499 821 then 822 499, 499 823, etc.

BMW stopped until the next day (19 December), when was reached the number of 500 000. Immediately after this, the manufacturer was quick to say that sold its 500 thousandth car on electric, not without boasting emphasized that it is “one sold the machine for four minutes.”

500-strong “train” was the BMW plug-in hybrid sedan BMW 330e. Car keys the owner was presented in a ceremony at the BMW Welt Museum in Munich, Germany.

During the celebration, the Chairman of BMW Zipse Oliver noted that the company will not stop: for the next two years it plans to reach 1 million issued by a “female” car. And can help a number of new models that will arrive on the market in the coming years: in 2020 – electric crossover iX3, and 2021 – fastback i4 and crossover c stand-alone course iNext.


At the moment, the BMW Group offers 12-electric models,including one electric car – i3. By 2021, the company plans to “shock” a quarter of their cars, by 2025 one third, and by 2030 – a whole half of the lineup.

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