BMW prepares anniversary M-ku

BMW prepares anniversary M-ku


BMW M is turning 50 next year and the German automaker plans to celebrate with a special model (or multiple models). Based on recent trademark filings from BMW, it can be assumed that a long-forgotten variant of the M3 called the Evo Sport will appear in time for the 50th anniversary. However, another patent points to a more likely candidate – BMW will unveil the 50 Jahre Edition in 2022.

Along with the name “50 Jahre BMW M”, the trademark application in Germany also includes the special edition logo with blue, purple and red M stripes on the sides.

“Blue stands for BMW, red stands for motorsport and purple is a unique combination of the two,” says a BMW spokesman.

This is not the first time BMW has celebrated an important anniversary with the Jahre Edition. “Jahre” in German means years, which means BMW can put numbers at the beginning to mark an important milestone. Special Edition models are usually painted in a special color with unique interior trim, and always have a Competition package with many Jahre badges.

While it is now known what BMW will prepare next year for the big celebration, it is still unclear which models will receive the 50 Jahre special edition. The 2021 BMW M3 and M4 are the “freshest” M cars in the lineup, so they could be candidates. It is unlikely that the M2 will still be in production by the time these special editions are released, but other M models may receive their own special editions as well.

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