BMW R18 Transcontinental with full fairing in development

BMW R18 Transcontinental with full fairing in development


The large BMW R18 Cruizer is a great choice for highway travel. The motorcycle has a special design and a large 1800 CC opposed motor. To make the most of the new platform, BMW is working on expanding the range. In the foreseeable future, new models are expected, including a full-bodied cruiser.

The new trademark hints that BMW is developing a full-fairing version of the R18, which has been named Transcontinental. This solution makes sense. R18 with a fairing and a set of trunks can become one of the best on the market for large touring motorcycles.

The motorcycle shown in the pictures has a shape and design in the style of large cruisers Indian or Harley-Davidson. The Bavarian manufacturer has obviously decided to challenge the giants in this market segment, which is very large, especially in the US.

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