BMW revealed plans for diesel engines

BMW revealed plans for diesel engines

Technical Director of the BMW Group, Klaus Froelich promised that diesel engines will remain in the line until 2040, and gasoline – and even longer until 2050.

At the event, #NEXTGen, held this week in Munich, BMW presented not only the new concept car Vision M NEXT, but also revealed some details about the future of the brand and prospects for internal combustion engines.

By 2023 in the lineup, the BMW Group will be 25 electrified vehicles, with more than half of them will be fully electric. But in an interview with Automotive News Europe technical Director of the BMW Group, Klaus Froelich stated that internal combustion engines will remain relevant for several more decades.

Froelich believes that the prospects for the electrification of cars is overrated due to the fact that the raw materials for batteries are very expensive in the coming years, there may be a deficiency if all the brands start doing the battery. In this regard, diesel engines remain in the line BMW at least until 2040, while petrol engines will be available to customers until at least 2050.

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In this case, the gamma power units will be reduced by eliminating those motors, which are either impossible or very difficult and expensive to bring into line with new environmental standards. For example, abandon the 3-litre diesel with 4 turbos and V12. These naturally aspirated engines will not do, but the turbines will not be more than three.

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