BMW reveals its secret 2007 ICE concept

BMW reveals its secret 2007 ICE concept


BMW tested the X6 concept during the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, and just a year later, a production version of the coupe-like crossover appeared. We doubt BMW had the idea back then that the X6 would become one of the brand’s best-selling vehicles over the next 14 years. But a few years before the first BMW SAV hit showrooms, the company’s design team experimented with a similar idea.

The new video from the BMW Group Classic YouTube channel is special. It features two previously unseen BMW concept cars. The highlight of the video is the so-called BMW ICE concept. It is a unique combination of coupe, roadster and SUV. ICE stands for Integrated Concept Engineering.

The model is based on the X5 chassis, which is combined with the Z4 interior with two additional small seats at the rear. In fact, he followed the recipe for the 2001 BMW X-Coupe concept, which can best be described as “a coupe and an X in the same car.” However, the ICE prototype has never been shown to the public, so this is its first demonstration 17 years after its release.

Interestingly, much of the ICE design concept was formed at BMW’s California Design Center. The Bavarian company wanted various information from designers who know more about the Malibu lifestyle. The result was a two-door, four-seater, jack-up sports car that was based on proven X5 underpinnings.

Learn more about this secret concept in the video. The roofline of the model is not only aesthetically shaped, but also allows two mountain bikes to be loaded into the cargo area.

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