BMW sedans. What awaits them?

BMW sedans. What awaits them?


Despite the universal fashion for crossovers, BMW is going to continue the production of sedans, because there is a steady demand.

As told in an interview with Autoblog chief designer of the brand Domagoj Dutch, despite the growing popularity of crossovers, BMW will not abandon the production of sedans, and here’s why. The Bavarians, who, through the BMW X6 are considered pioneers of the genre kupeobrazny crossover, and we intend to develop a model lineup of sedans. To be more convincing the designer drew Parallels with modern architecture, comparing crossovers with everyday houses and sedans with a more refined housing.


If the first represent space combined into a single area kitchen and living room, the second has separate rooms with the appropriate purpose. According to Dutch in China and some other markets just prefer “elegant architecture”, not “American kitchen” – that is, appreciate the sedans with separated from each other by interior and boot. The Americans and Europeans, on the contrary, choose practicality and versatility for all occasions that can be found in the crossovers.

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