BMW showed the new two-dimensional logo

BMW showed the new two-dimensional logo


BMW presented its new two-dimensional logo. The emblem is made in a simplified design. The logo lost a black fill to the outer circle, but retained the blue and white sector in the center.

The company said that the new logo should attract the attention of young buyers who are well versed in the digital world. Prior to this, the logo changed its design in 1997. The first car which got a new logo was a concept car i4, the production version of which will appear in 2021 and will compete with Tesla Model 3. Claimed cruising range of the car without recharging the battery will be 600 kilometers (world cycle WLTP).


Earlier it became known that the company KIA plans to change its corporate logo in October 2020. That KIA registered in the patent office of South Korea (KIPRIS) brand new emblem, it became known in December 2019. The logo is a United letters, which can be done in either black or white.

Last year a new corporate logo introduced of the Volkswagen. The next logo was a flat – style icons that were used on the original Beetle. The company believes that the simplified logo is better reflected on the advertising sites, as well as on the screens of gadgets. Depending on the type of cars in the logo would use few colours: black, red and blue.

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