BMW taught the car to open from the discharged smartphone

BMW taught the car to open from the discharged smartphone


The Bavarian automaker has announced the second generation security features that allows you to unlock the Central locking of the car using a smartphone.

The second generation engine powered by NFC (Near Field Communication), but now the automaker has added the ability to use not only smartphones, but also smart watches. A significant feature of the update is the appearance of the security chip, which contributes to the retrieval of the digital key off or even with a depleted gadget.


Start the engine of the vehicle is possible provided that a device with NFC and installed application is placed, for example, in the area of wireless charging. Besides, BMW owners will be able to send the “keys” with a limit to five people, so that machine was used by other trusted people. The list of mobile devices that supported such a system, the company has not yet provided.

This means that drivers are less likely to find themselves in a difficult position and will have more confidence if you decide to leave your physical home key.

Soon digital key BMW will be trained to work on the 3.0 Protocol, UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) that will allow you to open the car and start the engine without pulling out a smartphone from your pocket or bag. At the moment, the device with NFC, you need to bring to the door handle of the car. Date of launch of the new technology is not yet announced.

I believe that such a system is useful or unsafe?

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