BMW thought about the Android users

BMW thought about the Android users


Cars of the German brand will soon start to support the functionality of Android Auto. It is noteworthy that information and entertainment complexes Bavarian brand has always been one of the most advanced in the world.

However, they brought some inconvenience to the owners of smartphones with Android operating system, because they were focused solely on iOs. We already know that support for Android Auto will be just and this will not happen in the future, and already this autumn. After that all BMW models will be compatible with the operating system from Google.


As a bonus for all owners of BMW and Android smartphones will be automated the appearance of such functionality in addition to visit the service centers and pay money to not have to.

Meanwhile, BMW presented the special version of crossover X7. Exclusive car is based on the modification X7 M50i. The series will get a limited edition and will consist of only 600 copies.

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