BMW to release hydrogen X5

BMW to release hydrogen X5


German automaker BMW plans to unveil a limited edition of its popular hydrogen fuel cell X5 SUV in 2022 as the company continues to explore alternatives to electric vehicles.

Speaking at the AGM, CEO Oliver Zipse said the company plans to launch small-scale production of the X5 SUV on hydrogen fuel cells next year.

Much of the automotive industry is focusing on developing battery electric vehicles to meet tightening emission standards in Europe and China. But BMW is one of a small number of brands currently seeing opportunities for mass adoption of hydrogen-powered cars that only emit water.

In addition to the emissions promise, fuel cell vehicles also offer greater range than battery-electric vehicles, but there is currently very little infrastructure to refuel them.

As a reminder, in December 2020, Japanese automaker Toyota unveiled the updated Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, which is a fresh impetus for advancing zero-emission technology amid rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles. BMW has reached an agreement with Toyota to develop a fuel cell vehicle. Other automakers are also working in this direction. Among them are Hyundai and Honda, as well as Jaguar Land Rover with the support of Tata.

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