BMW told when it will be possible to ride on the hydrogen X5

BMW told when it will be possible to ride on the hydrogen X5


BMW will unveil a prototype hydrogen-powered iX5 Hydrogen crossover at the IAA Mobility in Munich this September. And next year the Bavarians will release a small batch of such vehicles for demonstration purposes.

The BMW iX5 Hydrogen is a new iteration of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT concept car, unveiled two years ago. The latter, in turn, represents a modified BMW X5, which has an electric motor instead of a traditional internal combustion engine, and electricity is generated by a fuel cell system from hydrogen and atmospheric oxygen. Visitors to IAA Mobility 2021 are promised to drive such a car along a short route within the exhibition complex.

Hydrogen in the iX5 Hydrogen crossover is stored at pressures of up to 700 bar in two composite cylinders. One vessel is located in the central tunnel, the second is located under the rear row of seats. Filling with hydrogen takes three to four minutes.

i Hydrogen NEXT combines BMW and Toyota Motor technologies. It includes BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive electric motor, as well as Toyota’s fuel cell system and voltage converter. The maximum power of BMW i Hydrogen NEXT is 374 hp, but the system can only work at peak values ​​while there is enough charge in a small buffer battery. In other cases, the engine output is limited by the power of the electrochemical generator – 170 hp.

BMW is considering hydrogen fuel cell technology as an alternative to the i3, iX3, iX and i4 battery electric vehicles. But one of the major obstacles to its spread in the company is the need to produce hydrogen using renewable energy sources. In this case, hydrogen cars can be operated in regions where access to a powerful charging infrastructure for traditional electric cars is limited.

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