BMW vs Mercedes Vs Audi | Drag Race

BMW vs Mercedes Vs Audi | Drag Race


Jeremy, James and Richard take the new BMW M3, Mercedes C63 AMG and Audi RS4 down to Spain for a thorough testing. And a drag race. Clip taken from series 10, episode 10.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

the last m3 had a straight-6 engine this has a four liter v8 but don’t think for a minute it’s become a big lazy muscle car yes it’s a big v8 but in France 8,300 rpm it’s such a scream that said it is softer than the old car and more forgiving but it’s also noticeably faster and clever you can actually change the feel of the car and the performance on the iDrive control system meanwhile the M differential gets busy at the back to keep the power going to exactly the right place at exactly the right time sometimes it’ll even lock the rear wheels together so you can pull spectacular tail slides even if your fists are made of hell I love this car get out of the way that’ll be Jeremy then Erica this is Mercedes is answer to the m3 it’s the AMG c-class and it’s not a car it’s a complete animal you don’t really drive this car you cling on for dear life sure the new m3 has a top-notch conventional weapon under the bonnet but this this has a nuke it’s a 6.2 liter v8 max lobby full 6.0 a put in their bigger cars but even this semi-skimmed version has 450 brake horsepower so regal is just phenomenal as the noise it makes it’s not any louder more powerful and more exciting than the m3 could it’s simpler as well it even has an alternating gearbox I will admit however that there are one or two things I’m not sure about it’s not a very pretty car are those like the way Merck has copied BMWs iDrive system their old control center is better it was easier to use and then rising above all this is the problem with the traction control when it’s all it’s constantly interfering every time you go near the throttle eventually of course you become impatient and turn it off but be advised if you do that you better be awake see Daisy I’ve got in there we go there no this is just an ax-murderer with headlights right absolutely indoors this is men Jeremy there’s more to life than a big shouty engine no there isn’t there is I’m sorry rich but the whole point to them three is that you can’t really tell it isn’t an ordinary BMW look at this it’s got m3 written here it’s got grooves but most it’s got more trinkets on it than a pensioners mantelpiece sorry you cannot pick up in your sparkly disco glitter ball nobody ever said the Mercedes had to be restrained tell me you like the chrome honestly I don’t like the chrome very much well that’s all there is sunshine roof oh you haven’t go don’t need the hell whoa what’s this carbon fiber carbon fiber roof is to keep the centre of gravity low because it keeps the weight down in the car it’s light that helps the balance that’s why this is such a good car it’s a bit like a oh like your chrome is gonna help both of those cars are ostentatious and ghastly which is why if you want a small fast German saloon you’d have one of these it’s an Audi rs4 it may have been around for a couple of years now but I have to say it’s still marvellous it has a 4.2 liter v8 which produces the same power as Hammonds m3 but without drawing quite so much attention to itself the exhaust note is like a tribute to Pavarotti listen to this so ngerous you see it’s not like that look at me racking coming out of the back of Jeremy’s idiotic Mercedes and in any case why would you want a car that’s trying to kill you and unlike Hammonds BMW it isn’t smothered in gaudy tinsel it’s quiet its discreet it’s got absolutely nothing to prove it’s sort of at home with Andy McNab the ride is good the four-wheel drive system keeps you out of the crash barriers and you don’t need an IT qualification to operate it where hey so how many gears have you got six seven so that’s one better that’s two minutes what do you mean it’s two it’s a desert all right doesn’t captain arrived I believe sir in an abbey this Audi is a very very good car couldn’t agree with you more I remember when I drove this a couple of years ago I actually believe that that was one of the greatest engines ever made but you cannot ignore the engine in that Mercedes you just can’t nobody saw a 6.2 liter with 6.3 written on the side that’s just history 6.2 yes it says 6.3 on it yes because that’s history and tradition it’s like random it isn’t instead of bickering we decided to get scientific and discuss practicality first things first I’ll just get in the back yeah yes all right there if there is a four-door version coming and the rear legroom is plentiful pitiful the Audi I’ll expand Oh Deary me if we pop this seat into my driving position but that’s hardly a fair test Oh do you want to hop in Richard yes allistic I can’t I’ve got legs we could have argued all day but when it comes to practicality the fats are the facts the Mercedes has the biggest engine the most gears the most face of the front the most face in the back and the biggest boot the end after this momentous victory for the Mercedes I decided we should have a drag race I’m actually for the first time one of our drag races genuinely tense about this I want this car to win produce throughs medical debt handbrake off that’ll increase my chances I’m not gonna win there somebody’s humiliate despite its four-wheel drive system the Audi took the lead when in a winning and then lost it come on come on come on baby come on how did that happen that’s a pointless and irrelevant test you

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