BMW will be able to change the color of the body at the touch of a button


At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will take place in January 2022, BMW will show an unusual show car: according to Motor1, the car will be able to change the color of the body panels – all you need to do is press a button. In addition, a “charged” version of the iX electric crossover under the iX M60 index will debut at CES, and the concept of an “automobile theater” will be another high-tech novelty.

There are still few details about the upcoming premieres. According to Motor1, the color of the body panels will change evenly across the entire surface. How this function works, what choice of shades the show car received and whether the chameleon body will get to production BMW cars is still unknown: it is expected that the Bavarians will reveal some of the secrets at the exhibition.

Also at CES, the M-version of the “battery” all-terrain vehicle iX – the iX M60 will debut. Rumors predict a sports crossover with a power plant with a return of about 600 horsepower, an all-wheel drive transmission and acceleration from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in about four seconds. It is with the iX M60, again according to preliminary information, that the future Rolls-Royce Specter will be partially unified.

For comparison, the current iX in the most powerful version xDrive50 produces 523 horsepower, and reaches “hundreds” in 4.6 seconds. In Ukraine, today they are asking $ 118,100 for such a crossover.

In addition, BMW is preparing another surprise – a concept of a kind of “automobile theater”, about which no details have been disclosed yet.

Earlier, the head of the BMW M sports division, Frank van Mil, told how the company sees the design of future models. The Bavarians have chosen the luminous radiator grill as an iconic element. This has already been received by the BMW XM concept – the most powerful crossover of the brand with an unusual appearance, which caused a flurry of criticism.

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