BMW will continue to produce giant grille

BMW will continue to produce giant grille


The Bavarians made another attempt to justify a highly controversial element of the design of their cars.

It seems that the growth in the size of the radiator grilles for the new BMW unstoppable: the company management are sure that this is what is expected of them buyers. Senior Vice President of product management Peter Heinrich said the publication Autocar that the company received “very positive feedback” for this reason.

Bold statement by one of the project managers of the BMW X7 are not very consistent with regularly occurring criticism of the huge “nostrils” of new Bavarian machines, but Heinrich made a reservation, that all depends on the specific model. Some cars are deliberately created more catchy and controversial, as this is required by their positioning in the market as machines with “strong character”.


This may mean including the forced abandonment of designers to provide impressive grilles separate the new BMW – for example, the new generation BMW 5 series, although the flagship “seven”, in the opinion of management, these “nostrils” have fallen completely to the yard. Seem to not be able to avoid the “grills” unnatural size and for the new BMW M3/M4: according to rumors, their design approved, and pilot production has already started.

You enter into the number of people who like a huge “nostrils” BMW?

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