BMW will not go on the way to mass electrification

BMW will not go on the way to mass electrification


You also thought that the company from Bavaria somehow delaying the launch more modern than the i3s, an electric car? No, an electric model from the manufacturer, of course, will be, but the approach to their creation can be called a “transition strategy”. According to Klaus Froehlich (head of research and development), at least until 2025 to build cars with internal combustion engines, and hybrids, and even electric cars on the same platform.

BMW i. From “born electric” to “one platform for all”

Platform СLAR (and FAAR — front wheel drive modular platform BMW) is the best option, according to the Bavarians, the situation is still unclear for the future development of electric vehicles. The challenge for today is “fit” to the emission standards increasingly tightened in Europe every year. To upgrade engines — pretty expensive, so it makes sense to focus on the hybridization of models. At least one way to charge the battery enough for everyday use and for long journeys you can use the engine.


Froliha forecast is that by 2030 the market of hybrid cars will be from 20 to 30 percent of the world, and — with considerable variation across regions. For example, in Europe, they will be relevant almost everywhere in China — in big cities of the East coast in the States — on both coasts. And in regions such as Africa, the middle East and for the electric car there is no proper infrastructure.

The remaining 50 percent of the market will take a car with a conventional internal combustion engine, the rest is for pure electric cars. So BMW will be faithful to tradition to use the diesel engine at least another 20 years, whereas gasoline at the current strategy will be in line for more than 30 years.

The correct path was chosen by the company, abandoning of the development platform, designed exclusively for electric traction? That is, the so-called “skateboard platform design”, where the batteries are located under the vehicle, which allows to “squeeze” more space in the cabin at equal DIC-tion cars wheelbase.

MEB platform for electric vehicles from VAG

It’s possible that the Bavarians just can’t afford such investments, and therefore, the comparison of strategies of BMW and VAG in this regard is not relevant. Recall, VW said global plans to expand its lineup of electric cars: until 2029 plans to market 75 60 electric vehicles and hybrid models. Used to be MEB platform specifically developed for “trains”.


On the other hand, BMW and Volkswagen playing a completely different classes (respectively, the sales volumes are different). But for a more “honest” comparison is the brands Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche and of course, the pioneer Tesla. All of them have already presented their models with more or less substantial reserve. But BMW with its i3 lags behind enormously. Although “AI-third” and was one of the first successful experiments of classical automaker to make a bid for the electric car. But the Bavarians somehow did not use the credibility of the brand “I” in the sense of fully Autonomous “trains”.

So it only remains to expect of the near future when BMW presents the models i4 and ix3 designed to come to grips with models of the above brands. But how high will be competition!

BMW ix3, the premiere is scheduled for 2020

Ah, Yes. If you think that the strategy of BMW, as there is little desire to make their vehicles less harmful to the environment, you may not seem. In the past they seem to be able to understand, because of climate change — changes, and marketing marketing. And even in the first years after the successful launch of the Tesla Model S to bet on electric cars car manufacturers and their history seemed unreasonable.

BMW i4, the market launch is scheduled for 2021

But the global market as we can say already now demonstrates the demand for electric cars. Proof of this are the tens of thousands of pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3 or Volkswagen ID.3. The perfect time to combine business with pleasure, isn’t it?

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