BMW will release a crossover X6 and X7 hydrogen fuel cell

BMW will release a crossover X6 and X7 hydrogen fuel cell


The German manufacturer is developing together with new Toyota units.

As head of research and development, BMW’s Klaus frolich, a Bavarian brand and the Japanese brand are jointly developing a new powertrain for fuel cells. Fröhlich claims that this installation about 10 times more expensive than a system of electric vehicles with battery (BEV).

“We plan to balance these costs by 2025, with the third generation of our scalable fuel cell systems that can lead to volumes of hundreds of thousands”, – he said.

In the nearest plans of BMW will launch a pilot production of fuel cell vehicles of the second generation, including the aforementioned X6 and X7, which should begin in the near future. It is still unknown how far these machines can be from the production.


Frohlich believes that the current timing of the development of fuel cells mean that they “can make the most appropriate decision for passenger cars by 2025”. The company also believes that fuel cells will be very important for light and heavy trucks.

“We see fuel cells as a viable solution for a variety of crossovers, which are faced with very tough targets to reduce CO2 emissions and already use very efficient diesel engines, so the next step can only be electrification. But you can’t electrify the heavy SUV with batteries, because the reduction of the useful load from 6 tons to 7 tons is absolute nonsense,” said Klaus fröhlich.

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