BMW X1. A serious conversation about the reliability

BMW X1. A serious conversation about the reliability


Today we are BMW X1, F48 restyled body. The word “study” came here for a reason: too many in this model, variables that affect perception of model, allowing you to look at it under different angles.

Even the approach to car design – front-wheel-drive platform and a transverse arrangement of the motor – someone from fans of “classical” heritage of stamps can cause a shudder. Others delight choice. And so – almost in all.

Let’s start with the engine. Under the hood of the test model is equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine B47 in the weakest of his forces (forces 150 and 350 Nm of torque). Yes, for some reason, specifically this car has M-pack, but this is about “seem”, not “to be” (whole other conversation). By the standards of class performance crossover, to put it mildly, does not cause delight. On the other hand, the same motor also has a more productive factory boost, and in addition, it also set on the BMW X5. That is, you can not Wake up from nightmares on the failure of the power unit – the resource is there.

Go ahead: suspension. X1 has fine-tuned (you can even use the word “brand”) chassis: to enter the vehicle turns, sheer pleasure. Because despite the front-wheel-drive platform, during aggressive maneuvers it is possible to achieve easy demolition of the rear axle (our version of xDrive). At the same time, the base suspension is designed for absolute comfort, so the rolls are too big. To rectify the situation and unlock the full potential of embedded options will enable or the optional adaptive M suspension.

In the cabin is dominated by expensive, nice materials (wood, soft plastic, non-marking lacquer), quality of Assembly at height. In this regard, the car can compete with much more expensive competitors. And chairs – functional – can be considered almost a reference. On the other hand, the whole architecture of the front panel of the X1 seems to be reduced, not “pulling” on the premium approach, which greatly undermines the pleasant feel of the materials and workmanship. In addition, the noise – by the standards of the class – is a weakness of this crossover.

In short, you will understand a lot of nuances. Understanding all of these nuances, we are ready to present you a full description of the BMW X1. Sure, you will appreciate our efforts. So don’t blame me for another long story, it’s worth it. Pleasant viewing!

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