BMW X3 that bypasses the X5 M

BMW X3 that bypasses the X5 M


The pre-styling BMW X3 M Competition has received a package of improvements from the German studio Manhart Performance. The company applied an already proven formula: increased engine power (the X-third became more powerful than the X5 M), lowered the suspension, updated the aerodynamic body kit and installed Alpina wheels with a diameter of 22 inches. Such a crossover costs 118,900 euros. The circulation is only 10 copies.

The usual BMW X3 M Competition is equipped with a three-liter inline-six S58 with a return of 510 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque. The updated crossover has 50 Nm more thrust, since the engine is slightly modified. On the Manhart MHX3 600, this unit is equipped with an MHtronik Powerbox control unit and produces 635 forces and 785 Nm. Alternatively, the original ECU program can be optimized, but the power will be lower.

There are also several exhaust system options available for the MHX3 600. Its basis is a stainless steel line with the ability to control valves, which is proposed to be supplemented with a sports downpipe with a catalyst for 300 cells or a racing system without a permit for German roads. In addition, you can choose between carbon fiber or ceramic coated nozzle tips.

The chassis is also adapted to the increased power. The stock shock absorbers will be recalibrated, and the springs will be replaced with stiffer and shorter H&R ones (30 mm understatement). The new aerodynamic body kit is made from fashionable forged carbon. The set includes a front splitter, a rear diffuser, bumper inserts and side mirror housings. Modifications of the brake system and interior – at the request of the customer. Wheels – 21 “or 22” (Alpina).

In total, Manhart plans to build ten examples of the MHX3 600. Machine number two is now up for sale. They ask for 118,900 euros, while the restyled X3 M Competition in Germany costs from 97,600 euros.

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