BMW X4 M and Porsche Macan vs. Alfa Romeo Stelvio

BMW X4 M and Porsche Macan vs. Alfa Romeo Stelvio


YouTube channel carwow organized a drag race between the BMW X4 M Competition, the updated Porsche Macan Turbo and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. At first, powerful compact crossovers with six-cylinder turbo engines competed in parallel starts from a standstill at 402 meters, then they measured their strength in races from the 50 mph (80 km / h) course, and the final test was the assessment of brake performance from a speed of 70 mph ( 113 km / h).

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is powered by a 2.9-liter V6 with 510 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque. The Italian crossover weighs 1,830 kilograms and costs 73.2 thousand pounds in the UK.

The BMW X4 M Competition has an inline six-cylinder 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine with the same output (510 hp and 600 Nm). However, the Bavarian crossover is 140 kilograms heavier and much more expensive: prices start at 83.2 thousand pounds.

The updated Porsche Macan Turbo is inferior to rivals in power, but it is also cheaper. The 2.9 V6 engine develops 440 forces and 550 Nm, and prices for Porsche start at 68.9 thousand pounds. The curb weight of the Macan Turbo is 1945 kilograms.

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In the quarter-mile race, the three “charged” crossovers did it in 0.3 seconds, and the difference in deceleration efficiency when braking from 113 kilometers per hour did not exceed three meters.

A year ago, the carwow channel was already testing the dynamics of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV, but then the Italian model was opposed by the less powerful Audi RS Q3.

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