BMW X5 with mileage: rumors do not lie?

BMW X5 with mileage: rumors do not lie?


Fans of fast driving often pay attention to the BMW. And fans of fast driving on a BMW are increasingly choosing crossovers. We will talk about this case today in the format “whatever”, because on the test we have a BMW X5 in the F15 body.

Let’s make a reservation right away: this crossover looks faster than it actually is. Because it is powered by the basic 2.0-liter turbodiesel B47, but the appearance of the car pulls for a greater return due to the m Performance styling package installed here. But those who have matured ironic comments on the topic of “to be, not to seem”, we hasten to assure that everything is not so bad. Because this engine survived chip tuning, and it significantly affected the acceleration dynamics.

However, we will not only talk about the engine. An analysis in the format of “Whatpotom” involves a long conversation about reliability, competitors and, of course, the cost in the secondary market.

Enjoy watching it!

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