BMW X6 (G06). New priorities?

BMW X6 (G06). New priorities?


Words that the BMW X6 current generation (G06) “is not the same”, now you can hear really often. If so, then you need to figure out how exactly did this crossover. So if he has changed, to be rejected by fans of the brand? So if he changed to become a alternative to models of Mercedes and Audi in this class? Anyway “is not the same” is bad, or Vice versa, okay?

Today on test we have a BMW X6 with the least efficient diesel engine, the 30d version. Although the abundance of space under the hood of the model indicates the potential for aggregates larger volume and output of 265 HP and 620 Nm of torque of this motor is enough for very dynamic movements. For example, the exercise in the first acceleration to 100 km/h the crossover is doing faster than all its competitors with diesel engines of the same volume. We checked it out.

We also tested whether productive motor (with a wide “shelf” torque) and rear-wheel drive platform (with a link through the coupling xDrive front wheels) to turn this very sporty looking crossover into a toy for drifting. It turned out, now we need to ask the settings of the electronics which are sometimes very strict. But we were able to talk, giving arguments that are impossible to ignore.

Next was a detailed familiarity with the settings of the air suspension, and at this point a word about completely changing the nature of the X6 began to sound with new force. Because that’s how softly tuned suspension (in the appropriate mode), and what comfort it provides on not very good roads, one can see the change of philosophy of BMW crossovers built on the platform, now CLAR. If you are not a fan uncontested “sport”, then you should like this.

It is a pity that the steering settings can not speak as flattering. Suspension you can “hold” by switching to another mode, but the wheel will be the “weak link” that will teach you to ride safer. The point of spuriousness: what is being done with wheels, easier to understand by body roll than the resistance on the wheel. Not have enough intensity and predictability.

But… stop. Here we just briefly mention how, in our view, the new BMW X6 is coming. Everything else you in detail (a detail will be many) will learn from our story. Pleasant viewing!

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