BMW X6 that you haven’t seen

BMW X6 that you haven’t seen


Recently, a snapshot of the BMW X6 appeared on Reddit. The crossover was photographed somewhere in the UK, and the author of the publication was attracted by a very strange tuning that defies any logic.

The car has very large exhaust pipes, and wires run from the roof to the rear bumper. Behind you can see cylindrical containers of unknown purpose, and the fifth door is “decorated” with something like antennas and large beads. There is another one above the right side-view mirror, and the door handles are covered in soft material.

There are also all kinds of stickers on the body, there are also some trinkets on the strange rims. Other “improvements” include red mud flaps and CCTV cameras. Users of the Reddit portal expressed the opinion that the owner of this crossover “got drunk and in this state was trying to make a time machine.” Some say that “the unfortunate BMW just got some kind of car herpes.”

It is curious that the crossovers of the Bavarian manufacturer are often the object of ridicule: on the same Reddit portal they recently discussed the X5, which users called “the ugliest on Earth” and “the first trash can with the BMW logo.” The front of the car was too angular, and the bumper was borrowed from a sports car for circuit racing. The wheel arches have taken on a square shape, the radiator grille has been replaced, you know what, and instead of the standard wheel disks, they have mounted a terrible set with a touch of gold.

We also advise you to watch a detailed review of the BMW X6 (G06) xDrive30d 2020 from the FineAuto team:

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