BMW X7 can do hydrogen

BMW X7 can do hydrogen


It is expected that the brand-new BMW with an additional power plant may appear to 2023.

Recall that a year ago, BMW introduced its largest car – premium X7. In March 2019 to dealers has been the flagship version of the Sport Activity Vehicle. Now the German auto giant think about the next milestone in the development of the model.


It is possible that it will receive the hydrogen fuel cell. Some experts say that BMW have long been collaborating with Toyota in the field of hydrogen technologies. So the designers already have a clear idea of what will be a new car.

Under the assumptions, the main electric motor. The same hydrogen fuel cell will go into an additional unit. Due to this significantly increases the overall range of stroke.

The presence of hydrogen the unit can cause the disappearance of the third row seats. Therefore, it is likely that the X7 will get five-seat option.

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