BMW X7 vs. Mercedes GLS. Who will win?

BMW X7 vs. Mercedes GLS. Who will win?

BMW X7 appeared relatively long ago and related the network is already very much, but if you haven’t watched it, then there is little lost. Dry statement, cloying flattery, incompetence, hasty conclusions and in the end all some kind of nonsense… basically, it was a day the tests are out of date versions on the American roads.

Today we will try to finally dot the “I”. Calmly, reasonably, honestly, on our roads and analyzing the current versions, equipment and prices.

But most importantly – just a couple of days ago we tested the main competitor BMW X7 – the new Mercedes GLS and finally be able to compare them. Which car is more suitable for a family, and what to drive. Softer who lays and who is faster than lucky. One the second row and better facilities. And what in the end choose – 6 or 7 seats.

Ready? Go!

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