BMW X7 was turned into a pickup

BMW X7 was turned into a pickup

The annual BMW Motorrad Days summit of the group of students of vocational schools, the BMW Group has developed and built a truck-based crossover X7. The automaker does not intend to produce a model with such a body type.

A project to create a pickup X7 took about nine months, and was attended by 12 students. The first step in the transformation of the crossover in the truck was the removal of the rear body, which instead established a special truck chassis, suitable for transportation of a motorcycle BMW F 850 GS. The bottom platform covered with teak wood, and the attachment points of the bike and the handle produced by the method of 3D printing. In addition, a car equipped with adjustable suspension.

Part of the roof lining in the rear doors and tailboard loading platform made of reinforced carbon fiber plastic, which reduced the car’s weight by about 200 pounds compared to “donor”. The truck can accommodate up to five people and cargo length up to 200 centimeters.

Under the hood, such X7 – petrol turbo engine displacement of three liters with the recoil 340 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. Vehicle dynamics developers are not lead, however, it can be assumed that from zero to 100 kilometers per hour, the truck accelerates about six seconds. Standard BMW X7 with the same motor, it takes 6.1 seconds.

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