This is the new BMW XM. It will be the most expensive and most powerful BMW ever made! #THEConceptXM

what’s up guys it’s blondie here in la this right here is the most expensive bmw ever made is new this is its debut on this car and this new front design will be featured on all luxury bmws going forward from 2022 and on right around here this is super cool look first time ever look it’s weighted so that’s going to stay upright when you drive that is so cool guys what we’re looking at right here is a concept car but about 85 to 90 of the design you see is going to actually be in the production car so we’ve got this car to look forward to it’s actually coming out you guys look at these lights up here little spotlights they are super cool right let’s hope guys put them in all right you’ve got this matte bronze gold metallic here so that’s kind of like a warm color and then you’ve got this high gloss black line that runs through and then you have space gray metallic so they’re all about contrasting colors and in the interior you won’t believe what they have done like i’ve never seen anything like it this is all new so you’ve got these beautiful back taillights running all the way down the side of the car i love that and that is going to be in the production car they’re going to be a little bit thicker is what i’ve heard but that design detail will be there now what is super cool is this right here bmw has been watching our vlogs because you may notice sergi actually got special exhaust on his x6 right here you can see it and look at what they’ve done twin twilight exhaust here on the back how cool is this first time i’m loving that design so that’s pretty cool sergey you’d be proud mate you’re making a copy of your homework oh can i copy you no you can’t copy my homework now what also is super interesting is there’s no bmw logo here on the back it’s gone but it has been moved up here to either side here and here now you may go hang on a minute i’ve seen that before and you have that is the same design as on the bmw m1 the iconic mid-engine supercar or sports car that bmw produced over 40 years ago now what’s interesting is this car right here the x m is the first standalone m car since the m1 so this guys is not going to be the x8 this is the xm this is going into production next year which marks 50 years since bmw went into motorsports so bmw m so that’s all kind of like where it nicely ties up into a little bow right here that’s where the petrol goes in but it’s actually a hybrid and this is the very first time an m model m pure m has hybrid technology so it has a v8 and one electric motor and it produces get this 750 horsepower 750 horsepower that is mad for an suv you guys just to give you an example that’s a 100 more horsepower than the lamborghini aurus this is really going into that super luxury super high performance level so people who buy lamborghinis the aurus the g wagon all of those kind of super high-end luxury suvs this is for you the design team told me that their in-house like working title for this car was the rock star so the whole theme around the car is about you living the life of a rock star now that’s going to make sense in just a second let’s come on inside look at this cool new handles they don’t actually come out they come in just go like that open her up now check this out when you think of a rockstar what do you think so what they’ve got is this vintage leather here in the front seats look at this i’ve actually never seen vintage leather look on a brand new luxury car how crazy is that and also this all of this is new carbon fiber and it’s got copper woven through it to give you that kind of like rockstar feel to it the front is like the stage for the rockstar right it’s all based on performance you get out there and you got to do your job you got to perform so everything is kind of rotated towards the driver including this curved screen display and all of this kind of like leans in towards the driver and you’ve got this kind of rock star vintage leather feel like you know we’re going to rock you know in the back once you’ve performed on stage you get the backstage vibes so this is like the backstage of a rock concert and this is all about luxury so you sit in here after you’ve performed on stage you’re backstage now in the green room and it’s all about comfort and now check this out just take a look at this ceiling where in the world have you seen this before this is totally new so if you compare it to something like super luxurious think of like the rolls royce and it’s starlight roof this is bmw’s version of the starlight roof and i think this is super cool because it’s so textural i can just feel all of these lines and the lights if we can get those changed let’s just have a look yes look at this look at this it can change into all the m colors and just look how it reflects off this kind of design on the roof i just think that is super super cool i’ve never seen anything like it and guess what that will be in the production model this is not just a concept this is what you’re going to see when you sit in the back seat of the actual production xm you’ve now got different materials again focused on that contrast so in the back it is for relaxation you’ve got this satin in like this petrol green color and you see how it’s more of a lounge chair see it’s just one kind of big chair in the back here that is something they’re going to keep for the production uh model as well so instead of just having individual chairs you have this kind of lounge chair feel and here as well i just love the contrast between this vintage leather this green here and then this satin i just think that’s really cool all right so here we are i actually think this is so cool you guys this is like their ultra ultra luxury ultra performance model and that is why it is a standalone mbmw i really like this oh look oh you can feel it actually woven this is not just this is not this is all textured it’s not a flat surface oh that’s really cool and and just being in the front here you look back you think it’s a completely different car in the back just look how that contrasts to the front i just think that’s super interesting what’s interesting to me also is the designers said we understand social media is such a big part of people’s lives today so we wanted to make things that are visually interesting that people can feature on their social media you know sit in the back and just be like look how cool this roof is like i feel like i’m like backstage at a rock concert like how freaking cool is this i’ve never felt this before so i really like that they’re leaning into this world of social media because you know that’s what we’re all watching right you’re on it right now we’re gonna see this car in production very very soon end of 2022 the most expensive bmw ever made and who knows maybe i don’t know take my money it’s like i don’t you want my money anyone bye guys i hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peek you

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