BMW XM specifications: three hybrids available at once

BMW XM specifications: three hybrids available at once


The M-division of the BMW brand will develop 3 versions of a hybrid power plant based on the same gasoline engine for serial modification of its XM crossover. The Bimmerpost portal writes about this.

The basis of the BMW XM hybrid units will be a completely new V8 engine with a reduced displacement, which itself will be able to produce up to 650 hp. And the total output of the most powerful hybrid system will be more than 750 hp announced for the concept car.

BMW is developing an engine with the code designation S68: it is claimed that it will receive a displacement of 4.0 liters instead of the 4.4-liter V8 units currently used on some M-models. Presumably, this is due to the fact that China is considered as the main market for the BMW XM, where cars with engines larger than 4.0 liters are heavily taxed.

The concept version of the BMW XM, presented in November 2021, was equipped with a 750 hp hybrid power plant. According to users of the Bimmerpost forum, this is exactly the performance that the first version of XM, which will appear on the car market, will receive: its production will start in December 2022. However, later the crossover will be equipped with 2 more engine options with power below and above this mark.

The younger modification of the BMW XM will be focused primarily on comfortable, rather than sporty driving, and therefore the power of its power plant will be reduced to about 600 hp. The parameters of the most extreme version have not yet been named. Officially, the BMW brand has not yet confirmed the characteristics of the production version of the XM model, although it has clarified that the crossover will be sold as a hybrid only.

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