BMW’s flagship sedan went to the police

BMW’s flagship sedan went to the police


In the garage of the Czech police appeared ten rechargeable hybrids, BMW 7-Series. Luxury sedans will help the guards about six months – these are the conditions of the joint project between BMW and the local authorities.

At the disposal of the police came up with the hybrid “sevens” version 745Le xDrive all-wheel drive, the M Sports package and maximum equipment. As conceived by BMW, the six-month operation of the petrol-electric sedan with a stated fuel consumption of 2.3 litres per 100 kilometres will allow the Czech authorities to assess the benefits of hybrids and subsequently purchased for the state needs a new batch of electric cars BMW i3 and later the police BMW i8.

The peak power of the electrified flagship reaches 394 HP and 600 Nm of torque that allows you to gain first “hundreds” of 5.1 seconds.


Equipping police sedans allows the legal order to use them as propaganda for road safety, as well as for everyday life. The vehicles are equipped with communication tools, color scheme of police, flashing lights and other attributes of special vehicles. According to estimates BMW, six months of service hybrids will overcome 25 thousand kilometers.

Executive sedans – a rarity in the police service. European law enforcement agencies prefer a small car, sedans middle class, and practical business-rounders.

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